WTF Happened To Lark Voorhiees A.K.A. Lisa Turtle from Saved By The Bell?


There is simply not a nice way to put this. WTF happened into Lark Voorhies? If you don’t remember her she played Lisa Turtle on the popular television show Saved by the Bell. I really don’t know what they hell is going on with her but if I had to guess I would say that she’shitting a crack pipe very hard or something because she looks beyond terrible.

I remember watching her growing up and I actually thought that when she played Lisa Turtle she was pretty beautiful. Here’s a horrible thought for you Dustin Diamond A.K.A. Screech Powers has aged more gracefully than her.

If you want to see just how bad Lark Voorhies looks watch the video below because the image above just doesn’t show you how bad she really looks.

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