WWE To Remake Horror Classic Leprechaun

Do you remember the horror classic from the 90's starring Warwick Davis and a young Jennifer Aniston called the Leprechaun? Then you probably are going to be very upset to learn that the WWE is remaking this classic campy horror film. That's right the WWE the wrestling guys. Then again, the more I think about it who better to make it horror film than a company that puts out a product so terrible it's freaking scary.

No word yet if the WWE plans on at least bringing Warwick Davis back but I'm thinking they're probably planning on using their own talent WWE wrestler Hornswoggle. Hopefully somehow they find a way to do this film justice but I sincerely doubt it because, well, just look at what they put out on Mondays and Fridays nights.

However if they do find some way of making it work maybe we'll be seeing a remake of some other horror classics like Child's Play or Hell Raiser because those two with modern CGI would be freaking awesome.

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