X Factor Looking Into A UK and US Judge Swap

In an attempt to change up the show X Factor Simon Cowell is considering swapping US judge Nicole Schwarzenegger for UK judge Kelly Rowland next season.

Nicole Schwarzenegger has gotten mixed reviews on the US version of the show and it’s believed she’d fare much better on the UK version. No official decision has been made but sources tell us it’s a definite possibility.

Schwarzenegger, whose solo career has taken off in the UK while being somewhat stagnant in the US was originally supposed to cohost the US version, but I moved to the judge’s table after Cheryl Cole, a former judge on the UK series was let go. Kelly Rowland placed Cole on the UK version but missed a lot of episodes due to illness.

Right now it seems Simon Cowell is debating on whether to switch the stars or possibly bring back Cheryl Cole.

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