Xerxes Returns In 300 Sequel

Yes, you read that right they are making a 300 sequel and apparently are bringing back Xerxes. I have no clue how they expect to make this movie work considering what history has to say and exactly where the last movie kinda left things but, it's Hollywood these guys rarely make sense.

Anyway, I got news today that Rodrigo Santoro is set to return to his creepy and well I can't think of another word so guess I just stick with creepy role of Xerxes in the 300 sequel. Also on board for this film which begins shooting this summer is Eva Green, Sullivan Stapleton and Jamie Blackley.

All we know about this time around is Santoro and Green play the two bad guys so I'm assuming it's going to cover the history of what happened after the battle of Thermopylae but you know with movies you never really know anything for sure.

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