Your Chance To Own A Back To The Future DeLorean

Even though you will never be able to travel through time like Marty McFly and Doc Brown you will be given the opportunity to purchase their famous time machine car and no we’re not talking about the smashed to pieces one from the and of Back To The Future Three.

In all honesty however it is the car from Back to the Future 3 but it’s in one solid piece. The DeLorean DMC-12 posted above will be sold as part of a large movie memorabilia auction. Back to the Future actually use seven of these cars but only three are still in existence.

This movie prop/car happens to be the only DeLorean used that’s privately owned so it’s no surprise that industry experts expect Doc Brown’s creation to fetch somewhere around a half-million dollars at auction. Click on the link below to view the auction houses press release.

Back To The Future Auction Press Release

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